Local transportation assets are getting a closer look in proposed state and county budgets. But are decision-makers truly serious about addressing the needs of our local roads, bridges and bus systems? And can we afford it? Read more

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Ever wonder why big corporations and the super-rich invest large sums of money in high-priced lobbyists and an army of accountants? And yes the correct term is “invest” because they see a Read more

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Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed state budget could provide the death knell for public transit systems across the state. Read more

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Is Wisconsin is planning to expand too much roadway in the coming years, given the state’s slow population growth and transportation trends? A report by the public interest WISPIRG Foundation answers an emphatic “yes” and contends that t... Read more

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Was it worth it?The first general election in which unlimited, undisclosed corporate money could be used in campaigns is winding down as the Shepherd goes to press this week. Read more

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Easily the best show currently running in Milwaukee, In Tandem Theatre's Old Wicked Songs is a brilliantly delivered piece of comic drama. The show features excellent performances by Richard Carsey and Chase Stoeger as accompanied by piano. Cars.. Read more


Howdid you spend your stimulus check? If you’re like most Americans, youbought gasoline. Since President Bush signed the tax rebate into lawFeb. 13, the average household has spent $1,500 filling the family car,according to research by Wisconsi... Read more

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