Interview with Joey Baird of Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener radio show. more

Off the Cuff

I was so saddened to hear of the passing of Eric Von, a trueMilwaukee treasure. My condolences go out to his wife, Faithe Colas, his family and many friends. I had the great privilege of appearing on Eric’s 1290 WMCSshow for a few years as a w.. more

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Someradio DJs build personal personal connections with their listeners more avidlythan others. Ernie G., active on Milwaukee's airwaves for over 30 years,knows how to celebrate with his listeners. He's letting them in on his free birthdaybash .. more

Around MKE

Stand-upcomedy may usually be associated with evening hours. But this Saturday's BluesBrunch at 3041 North, Milwaukee's "urban country club for thesoul"(3041 W. North Ave.) will have local comic D-Rock among theguest talent. Along with his gig.. more

Around MKE

WNOV-AM’s Saturday morning Blues Café program may be the only dose of modern Southern soul, naturally combined with its antecedent of R&B-leaning blues, to be more

Local Music

In his last years John Lennon was able to slip from the captivity of celebrity into the tolerant anonymity of New York City—or so he thought. Tragically, he became the victim of a delusional celebrity hound just as his recording career had ... more


Last Friday at Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, maestro Edo de Waart reached the limit of his audience coughing tolerance. Between movements of Saint-Saëns' Symphony No. 3, de Waart startled all by making an impromptu plea of silence to the co... more

Classical Music

The Statue of Liberty looms not only over New York Harbor, but also over America and the world. France’s gift to the United States became a universally cherished monument, a colossal representation of the best American values—not greed and ... more