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Straight from its Youtube channel description, The series What I Learned is a travel show about colorful people and curious situations. And in the most recent installment host Jason Tongen takes a little trip to our city of Milwaukee.In the episod.. Read more

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Alice WIlson-Stuart's Rockabilly Girl Productions recently announced its line-up for its next upcoming cabaret show. Looks like an interesting mix. The latest release describes Charlie's Chocolate Cabaret as a "whimsical sect cabaret burlesque." .. Read more


This remake is faithful in setting and tone to the 1941 original. One sure indication are forests shrouded in a crawling mist. The new storyline adds a twist, and features more werewolves, but is remarkably uninspired. Lawrence Talbot (Beni... Read more

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Through a foggy forest of bare branches, over cold ground where twigs snap underfoot like broken bones, runs a man carrying a lantern. “Show yourself!” he cries into the darkness. Moments later the blow of an unseen creature fells him, fata... Read more

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