A Woman's Place

Milwaukee Ballet’s 2016 spring program of contemporary ballet, collectively titled Kaleidoscope Eyes, features world premieres by resident choreographer Timothy O’Donnell and 2015 Genesis winner Garrett Smith, as well as Trey McIntyre’s A D... Read more



Photo By Sydonia Lucchesi

Cooperative Performance Milwaukee, in collaboration with Danceworks, took a hauntingly dreamy approach in turning Danceworks’ Studio A into a mid-1800s mental hospital for Kelly Coffey’s a woman’s Place. The show includes aerial work and ru... Read more


Wisconsin’s first mental asylum was founded in 1860. This was a time when women were institutionalized for behaving in ways that were simply unacceptable to men. Not exactly a pleasant point in history, but it needs to be acknowledged. Co-Operat.. Read more


One of Milwaukee’s most active salsa bands, Nabori celebrates the genre’s past. For their debut, Historias Del Barrio, singer Robert Figueroa and the group wrote eight original compositions in the style of the brassy, golden-age salsa of th... Read more

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