Agatha Christie was the best selling author of the last century, but it wasn’t until near the end of the century, a decade after her death, that Christie’s stories were transferred to the screen without parody and in the spirit intended by their .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Everyone knows of Stonehenge, but most American are dimly aware—if at all—that hundreds of other Megalithic stone structures and manmade mounds are scattered across the British Isles. The most popular of these sites have become kook magnets. .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Eccentric actress Juliette Lewis is no long with her band the Licks, but she wasted no time forming a new project: the very Licks-like New Romantiques, which teased some forthcoming material last night as SXSW. The shtick is unchanged: Juliette ca.. Read more

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   The Plymouth Church on Milwaukee's East Side belongs to the United Church of Catholic ,Theater Read more


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