World War I


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Director Sam Mendes returns with a Golden Globe-winning World War I story inspired by his grandfather’s service. Read more

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British historian Charles Emmerson’s Crucible is a monumental piece of scholarly reconstruction with finely wrought succinct character sketches of major figures. Read more


U.S. history is examined from many provocative angles, including racism and war, in new books from America’s academic presses Read more


Munich 1919, the first publication of diarist Victor Klemperer’s recollections of 1918-1919, provides a wealth of detail and sharp-eyed observations on a short phase of time little understood but formative for the terrible history to come. Read more


As Richard L. Pifer reminds us in his examination of Wisconsin’s response to World War I, the Badger State was reviled around the nation as the “traitor state” and yet, “when the United States finally became ..." Read more


In his book, A Crowded Hour: Milwaukee During the Great War, 1917-1918, author Kevin Abing examines the diverse social, political and economic forces that Milwaukeeans faced during and after World War I. He will discuss his book at Boswell ... Read more


A hundred years ago thissummer, the United States mobilized industry and manpower—and the power ofwomen to fill men’s places on the home front—as the nation prepared to go towar. It wasn’t just any old oversees campaign. Pres. Woodrow Wi.. Read more

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The title of Robert Gerwath’s book, The Vanquished: Why the First World War Failed to End, alludes to the University College Dublin history professor’s thesis that a culture of bitterness, in nations that felt defeated by the war, led to ca... Read more


The story of Poland’s rebirth as an independent nation gets a close examination in Robert Blobaum’s A Minor Apocalypse: Warsaw During the First World War. Read more


Arcade Fire: The Reflektor Tapes With The Reflektor Tapes, director Kahlil Joseph successfully shattered the clichés of band-concert documentaries. The Reflektor Tapes is a collage of images and s,Home Movies / Out On Digital Read more

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Few presidents were as reviled as Herbert Hoover, unfairly blamed for the Great Depression and stuck with a reputation as cold, stodgy and out of touch. In Hoover: A Life, UW-Milwaukee history professor Glen Jeansonne sets out to rescue Hoo... Read more


World War I is usually remembered in black-and-white pictures, but in Britain (and among readers of British literature), the keepers of memory were often poets. A remarkable generation of young writers volunteered for service when war began... Read more


Using vigorous prose to tell the stories of numerous influential figures from the Mediterranean region during the time of the Crusades, the author takes the reader on a violent journey from the western to the eastern Mediterranean. Most of ... Read more


In 1913 only those prone to anxiety imagined their world coming to an end, and even among them, the full calamity of World War I (1914-18) was almost inconceivable Read more


We all carry wounds, real or imagined, that shape our lives and determine our destinies. The three characters in Heroes, currently running in the Touchstone Theatre on the American Players Theatre's Spring Green campus, have some very real ... Read more


Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958) is one of the great composers not programmed enough by the MSO... Read more

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Mild-mannered Heinrich Himmler wasn't the architect of the Holocaust and other acts of mass murder by the Nazi Germans, but he was the principal engineer and chief operating officer of a terror machine. Peter Longerich's massively detailed ... Read more


Martin Sexton’s puffy, pale countenance belies a surprisingly soulful voice, one that evokes Stevie Wonder’s spirited cheer and Marvin Gaye’s passionate conviction. This limitless voice has opened doors for Sexton that similar Read more

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And they failed that test miserably. Ever since Republicans began trumpeting the issue o God Grew Tired of Us ,Taking Liberties Read more

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Bad news for Decemberists fans: The group has cancelled their "Long and Short of It" tour, including both scheduled nights at the Riverside Theater this month. Here's the statement from the band: With much regret The Decemberists ha.. Read more

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