When The Nation’s Jeremy Scahill began investigating civilian deaths in an off-the-books U.S. night raid in Afghanistan, the thread of clues led to a startling conclusion. A secretive military force reporting directly to the White House, th... Read more

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Cecelia Condit is a professor of film and media at UW-Milwaukee who sees her artistic practice akin to being a storyteller. The pieces in her exhibition at the Madison Museum of... Read more

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Milwaukee remains supportive of the heavy-metal arts, as evidenced by a packed Eagles Ballroom on Sunday night. A sea of metalheads of all stripes threw up the horns and cheered loudly throughout the evening for a Gigantour tour stop... Read more

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With a children's theatre program the size of First Stage in town, it can be difficult not to overlook the efforts of less prominent groups. For over 20 years, the African American Children's Theatre has been providing after-school theatre train.. Read more


With her faintly new-agey talk of spirituality, peace and positive thinking, Marianne Williamson isn’t all that different from other self-help authors, but with the help of an endorsement of king-maker Oprah Winfrey, who personally bought a... Read more

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  The minor-key sound of the Middle East was long embedded in the Balkans and carried Splitsville ,CD Reviews Read more

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The setting of Russell Banks’ latest thriller, pre-World War II Europe, suggests a t Da Vinci Code ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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I’m Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain’a? And so another h Shepherd Express ,Art for Art's Sake Read more

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The Golden Compass ,Contests Read more

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“It was shocking to see that kind of a change so quickly,”Beans & Barley Abominations ,Cover Story Read more

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