Voyeurism as inspiration is the engine powering Lee L. Krecklow’s debut novel, The Expanse Between. Read more


As a writer and singer, Buzz Cason has a history that goes back to the early 1960s in sessions with Willie Nelson and Elvis and songs covered by everyone from Gloria Estefan to U2. Passion often suggests mature rockabilly, with the genre’s ... Read more

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A young African American writer, Dana, falls through a tear in the fabric of space-time and is abruptly cast from California 1976 to the antebellum South. That’s the plot of Kindred: A Graphic Novel Adaptation, the signal novel by science-f... Read more


Ron David calls Toni Morrison a “literary Conjure Woman” and for good reason: her stories are vast, tricky, complex, multi-layered and, as he concedes, sometimes hard to figure. In Toni Morrison for Beginners he summarizes her life and n... Read more


American holidays have become trying, especially family gatherings whose participants would rather not be together. It’s a subject for comedy, and has seldom been handled more provocatively than in Uncle Nick (2015). Read more

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In collaboration with Madison's Forward Theater Company, Milwaukee Chamber Theatre unveils Donald Margulies’ drama Collected Stories. Milwaukee Chamber previously staged Margulies’ fascinating drama Read more


John Cage the composer was almost inseparable from Cage the essayist. They were facets of the same persona. Prefacing the handsome 50th anniversary edition of Cage's seminal collection of writings, Silence, is an introductory essay... Read more


Joshua Clover is an accomplished writer, critic, teacher and journalist specializing in poetry and poetics, with an emphasis on the contemporary. Clover, who currently teaches in the Department of English at UC-Davis, is the author of two b... Read more