Wrong Window

  Somewhere in the mix of everything that opened last week, I ended up missing another opening from one of the longest-running community theatre traditions in the state of Wisconsin. The Bay Players continue to perform in their latest incarnati.. more


In the new year, White Fish Bay’s Bay Players community theatre will be staging a production of Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore’s Wrong Window—it’s an Alfred Hitchcock tribute something on the order of the  recent comic stage adaptatio.. more


Beating Eminem in a freestyle battle wasn’t enough to instantly establish Chicago rapper Rhymefest, who worked as a university janitor for years after his storied Scribble Jam victory until his real breakthrough came when he co-wrote the Gr... more

Today in Milwaukee

Once again, Milwaukee enjoys the spillover from a major Chicago music festival. Atlanta psychedelic rockers Gringo Star and Montreal classic-rock revivalists The Sam Roberts Band, both already in the region this weekend for Lollapalooza, wi... more

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The Vinyl Countdown: The Album From LP to iPod and Back Again (Soft Skull Press) treat The Vinyl Countdown: The Album From LP to iPod and Back Again ,Books more

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