Releasing 10 albums over the past 20-plus years, Pearl Jam has experienced a storied career, but all but its most devoted fans admit that the last decade hasn’t lived up to the groundbreaking arti,Concert Reviews Read more

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Let’stalk about chillwave for a quick second. Remember chillwave? It was a style of lo-fisynth-pop so pervasive four years ago that Pitchfork actually started a spinoffsite dedicated to it and its hyper-underground offshoots (RIP Altered Zones).. Read more

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If you were to graph a Venn diagram of shared interests between Milwaukee eastsiders and CMT listeners, you probably wouldn't find a whole lot of overlap, but there's at least one band both groups can agree on: Hugh Bob and the Hustle. This week t.. Read more

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Isabelle Kralj has received five grants from the Slovenian government and the U.S. Embassy to create new works in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with dancers and composers from the European nation. In 2006, she created a performance using the music o... Read more


The Californian ,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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After sparking ire with her controversial book The Rape of Nanking, Iris Chang apparently The Rape of Nanking ,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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Marquette is preseason #12October 27, 2007 | 09:29 AMThe ESPN/USA Today poll was released and Marquette is riding high in the #12 spot.1. UNC2. UCLA3. Memphis4. Kansas5. Georgetown6. Louisville7. Tennessee8. Michigan State9. I.. Read more

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