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Brew City Cross-Fit

Winners in the Body, Mind and Spirit category for Best of Milwaukee 2018 including subcategories like Best Crossfit-Style Gym, Best Personal Trainer, Best Yoga Studio and more. Read more

Best of Milwaukee 2018


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Elle Studio + Wellness brings a unique philosophy to Milwaukee by providing talk therapy in tandem with fitness, yoga, massage, mindfulness classes, child supervision and other services that foster physical and mental well-being. Read more

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Sisters Sarah and Claire Moore

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For a decade, Riverwest’s Pink House Studio has offered yoga, dance and other healing disciplines at affordable rates. Read more

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TheZulu Birth Project is a multinationalinitiative to reach across time and borders to share ancient birthing practicesin support of mothers-to-be. Through a series of workshops andconsciousness-raising events, they are looking to share the an.. Read more


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Saturday mornings in Milwaukee offer a bounty of options forentertainment and events. This year, you’ll be able to combine your shoppingtrip, workout and meal with some free music thrown in. The East Town Market inCathedral Square Park is exp.. Read more

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WithMilwaukee being filled with traditional yoga studios and gyms, yoga practitionerTherese Bailey wanted to offer this city a new, fun way to exercise. Her desireto give people a space to express themselves and love for yoga led her toopening.. Read more

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Overlooking a breathtaking section of the Milwaukee River at 2060 N. Humboldt Ave., INVIVO offers an array of health and fitness resources. Founder, owner and Physical Therapist Maurice Dumit discusses the creative nature Read more

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When Tracy Grundy came to Milwaukee’s Third Ward as a hair stylist, the area’s warehouses had only recently begun to buzz with renewed urban energy. In 2007, she opened her own studio, Yan. Despite Read more

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Madeline Gianforte is a co-founder of CORE/El Centro, a nonprofit, bilingual healing center in Walker’s Point offering affordable wellness therapies to the community. A massage and Reiki practitioner, Gianforte is also Read more

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Ambassador Hotel 2308 W. Wisconsin Ave. Photo: The Iron Horse Hotel ,City Guide 2010 Read more

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Among the more traditional of the modern garage-rock revivalists, leaning less on psychedelic touches than cohorts like the Black Lips, instead preferring to draw from the same classic R&B tempos that inspired the British Invasion bands Read more

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When people talk about "actual sex," they are usually referring to penis-in-vagina intercourse. As countless sex educators have written, the majority of women don't get enough clitoral stimulation from this type of sex alone to have an orga... Read more


This year was a crucial test for RiverSplash!, Milwaukee's inaugural summer music festival. After an inordinate number of altercations at last year's festival—most damning among them a non-fatal shooting—city officials threatened to pull the plug .. Read more

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It's June 7 and were in Appleton for a TRats game and I have on a winter coat, gloves and a blanket! Awesome! TRats in odd turqoise Star Wars themed jerseys today. Surprise! Today's game is actually a double-header! TRats win first game 2-1... Read more

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The Brewers, in a must-win situation every d The Brewers, in a must-win sit ,Sports Read more

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John Schneider hasseldom chosen the easy path. If he had, the playwright and actor mig How did Project Non-Violence begin? ,Off the Cuff Read more

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Enjoy complimentary hors d’oeuvres, unique entertainment and expertly mixed cocktails crafted with the signature DRAMBUIE Elixir, originally inspired by Scottish rebel Bonnie Prince Charlie more than 260 years ago. Discover your spirit of ... Read more

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Winners in the Best Yoga Studio Restaurant category for Best of Milwaukee 2008. Read more

Best of Milwaukee 2008