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Tasty Latin Food at West Allis' Antigua

Short Orders

Apr. 7, 2011
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Antigua Latin Restaurant (5823 W. Burnham St.) offers one of the area's most interesting menus. You will find pupusas from El Salvador, empanadas from Argentina, and cochinita pibil, pulled pork from the Yucatan. After 5 p.m. the specialty is paella, the famous rice dish from Spain that is so difficult to find locally. There are paella de mariscos and paella Valenciana. The first consists of mixed seafood, while the Valenciana has chicken and pork. Antigua had a paella festival last August, offering five different versions for the entire month. The servings feed two, which also makes this one of the more inexpensive entrees on the menu. Allow 30 minutes for cooking, as Antigua's kitchen takes no shortcuts. Why not start with a plate of pupusas?


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