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Local Rock Musician Dave Raeck Dies

Dec. 7, 2011
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Dave Raeck began his migration to Milwaukee from the wilds of Germantown when clubs like Zak's and The Palms ruled the scene.  Too young to get into the venues, he spoke of his dad accompanying the rock'n'roll starved teen to shows.

Raeck died last week after a short illness. He is survived by his wife Tammy, his mom Olga and his sister Debbie.

He would eventually take to the to the stage himself playing guitar and bass with Crossbones, The Fabulon Triptometer, The Unheard Of and Voot Warnings.  Tammy played alongside her husband in The Muckrakers and Fuckface.

A career highlight, Raeck's dossier also included a jaunt to New York City as bassist with Plasticland, playing a festival with heroes from the Pretty Things and the Dictators. Raeck's soulful bass playing recalled the crossroads of R&B and high energy Detroit rock'n'roll.  On guitar his leads wailed like a banshee, unassumedly tossing off shards of punk-blues.

A familiar face working the counter at EarWaves Records or Record Head on Hampton Avenue, Raeck was generous with his vast musical knowledge in those pre-internet days, schooling the next generation by connecting the dots from the New York Dolls back to Sonny Boy Williamson or demonstrating the influence of Pharoah Sanders on the MC5 simply by spinning records.  Light years before anyone dared consider a Stooges reunion; Raeck conducted a massive interview with guitarist Ron Asheton for a prominent Cleveland 'zine.

It was no surprise that he started his own label Rocket Reducer Records to give a push to local talent.  Raeck's enthusiasm fed his never-ending search to track down great music to share with anyone who was interested.  He will be missed.


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