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Tazinos Pizza a Healthful, Fun Bistro

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Jan. 19, 2012
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Strictly speaking, bistros and buffets are different dining concepts, but Tazinos Pizza & Salad Bistro provides the intimate impression of the former while maintaining the self-serve approach of the latter. The Wisconsin-based chain has three locations, and expansion is on the horizon. Recent visits to the Menomonee Falls location (N56 W15560 Silver Spring Drive) revealed an emphasis on healthful, fun eating. Tomato sauce for the bistro's signature pizzas is made on the premises from the whole fruit, not concentrated paste, resulting in a significant, superior difference in taste. Choices include pepperoni, Klement's crumbled Italian sausage and a veggie specialty with whole-wheat crust. “Pizza of the Week” variations add options like cheeseburger and burrito. Pastas come hot and cold, and salads include an Italian mix, a Polish sliced-cucumber creation and Asian lo mein and cole slaw. Breakfast pizzas, scrambled eggs, waffles and MSG-free bacon and sausage number among the options on a fairly generous weekend buffet. Tazinos is the rare buffet where you don't have to feel guilty for getting your money's worth.


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