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Blogger Samantha Irby's 'Meaty: Essays'

Jan. 5, 2014
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Carnivores and herbivores alike will find a new series of essays by blogger Samantha Irby equally palatable. Meaty: Essays, which are largely not food based, come laced with a sharp wit and raw honesty that shine a new light on everyday life, from dating to body image to diarrhea. Whether it is struggling through a bout with Crohn’s disease or reflecting on a failed relationship, Irby’s debut collection is raucous and filled with moving candor. Readers will feel a genuine connection to Irby through her larger-than-life personality and her sharp, unapologetic way of expressing herself. Some may find her humor a bit risqué, but her brutally honest recollections of life as a 30-something female in Chicago are sure to ring true for millions of American women. This hilarious collection, which doesn’t leave much to the imagination, is filled with unflinchingly frank musings and provides a new and fresh voice in print.

Samantha Irby is a Chicago-based performer and author of the popular blog bitchesgottaeat.com. She is a co-host of “The Sunday Night Sex Show,” a live sex-positive performance, and she opened for Baratunde Thurston during his “How to Be Black” tour. Samantha Irby will appear at Boswell Book Co. at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 11.


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