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David Gilmour

Live in Gdansk (Columbia)

Nov. 28, 2008
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No, we didn't ask for an album featuring another recording of "Breathe," leading into "Time," leading into "Breathe (Reprise)," as happens on tracks two through four on Live in Gdansk. But Pink Floyd completists (we are legion) will want it anyway. However, if you're truly pink, you're also asking yourself, "Where are the Syd songs like 'Dominoes,' or obscure oldies like 'Wot's Uh the Deal' (I know they were played-I checked the blogs)?"

You can find "Dominoes" on the Best Buy-only, deluxe three-CD/two-DVD box, and "Wot's Uh the Deal" on a freebie CD-single only at ultra-cool indie stores (or on Amazon, if you've got the $80 it's already going for). Sure, your average Floyd fan on the "respectable" end of the spectrum-the kind not playing with glow-sticks in their parents' basements-can swing it. But where's the material from Gilmour's previous hit-or-miss-yet-occasionally-stellar albums?

What we do get is a full recitation of On an Island and a last chance to hear recently deceased Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright. There's also a 25-minute "Echoes" where-18 minutes in-a steady climbing section bursts into 30 seconds of glistening, delay-drenched arpeggios and thundering bass that will make all true Floyd-ophiles' eyes roll back in their heads. We're suckers for stuff like that.


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