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Fish to Go on Center Street

Nov. 1, 2016
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Takeout comes no more bare boned than Center Street Fish Market, 1212 W. Center St. The Spartan approach isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. The long-running, cash-only establishment is one of several on the Northwest Side where customers order from one side of a partition similar to that of a bank’s drive-through. 

The Market offers reasonably priced perch, whiting, catfish, cheeseburgers, pork chops and shrimp. A $5 fish sandwich meal deal includes a choice of a perch or catfish steak between two slices of square white bread and a generous handful of straight-cut and crispy French fries and a can of soda; customers can also enjoy a burger version of the $5 meal deal. Spritzing on a packet or two of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce that comes with fish orders adds the zest preferred by some soul food aficionados. 


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