New Milwaukee County First Coalition Forming

Jul. 14, 2009
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It’s no secret that Milwaukee County has suffered in the past few years. Since some of its functions are mandated by the state—but not necessarily funded by the state—our assets have dwindled when times got rough. It hasn’t helped that our county executive has been more interested in sloganeering than in leading, and is now contemplating gutting our parks system and transit in his next budget. (While campaigning for governor as a fiscal whiz.) And salt was rubbed in the county’s wounds by the state Legislature’s failure in the recent budget negotiations to allow Milwaukee County to cover the costs of the parks, local buses and more services with a small sales tax increase—while providing property tax relief.

So what’s a Milwaukee County supporter gonna do?

Band together. A new coalition has formed, called Milwaukee County First, that promises to promote the county’s case and get some results.

The coalition will kick off at tonight’s Drinking Liberally, at 7 p.m. at the Sugar Maple in Bay View, 411 E. Lincoln Ave.


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