Rummage Sale for the Banana

Sep. 5, 2009
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Somewhere in a sea of half a dozen theatre openings next week, local theatre director Jessica Betts (who recently put together a really good production of Someone To Watch Over Me at the Off Broadway Theatre) is having a rummage sale at her place in Mukwonogo. The significance of this is that—all the money she’s making at the sale will be given directly to the Pink Banana Theatre Company.

The idea of having a rummage sale to get rid of a few things . . . the idea of doing that where funds would go to charity is pretty cool. Betts has a personal interest having worked with them in the past. This would, however theoretically, be an interesting way for patrons to raise money for local arts groups. You're getting rid of the stuf anyway . . . why not use the money to support a struggling theatre company? True, it’s not going to be a whole lot of money, but imagine people having rummage sales with the idea of setting aside substantial amounts of the proceeds for area arts groups . . . walk down any residential neighborhood in Milwaukee this time of year and you’ll run into half a dozen rummage sales. Imagine if they were all donating to arts groups . . . it’d be interesting. In any case, Betts’ rummage for Pink Banana Starts at 9am on September 12th. Click here for more information. . .

Pink Banana’s first production of the new season is Sam Shepard’s True West.


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