Letters to the Future



“We are in this bizarre political state in which most of the Republican Party still thinks it has to pretend that climate change is not real,” said Jonathan F.P. Rose. Read more

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Rhea Suh of the Natural Resources Defense Council promises future generations will inherit a world without the dangers of global climate change in this excerpt from Letters to the Future. Read more

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Hello? People of the future … Anyone there? It’s your forebears checking in with you from generations ago. Read more

Letters to the Future

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Photo by Noel Neuburger

Dear Future Generations, At the time I write this, the greatest fissure in global politics is between the affluent white North and the suffering and devastated victims of floods, fires, blazing temperatures, deforestation and war from the G... Read more

Letters to the Future

Dear Descendants, If you are reading this, then you must exist, and so my greatest fears haven’t been realized. We didn’t manage to eradicate our kind from the universe. In my darkest,Letters to the Future Read more

Letters to the Future