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The Voter Participation Center and Wisconsin Voices are finding ways to make registering easier for the Rising American Electorate. Read more

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Women’s March Wisconsin will gather on Saturday, Jan. 18, to march against Trump and encourage the community to vote in the upcoming election. Read more

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Our state might become the biggest focus nationally for both parties, especially because of its higher percentage of white, non-college-educated voters who are Donald Trump’s strongest remaining supporters. Read more

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It’s time to clear away the clutter of so many candidates with almost no support and give those with the most popular and financial backing more opportunities to present their messages. Read more

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Some favor decriminalization without legalization, while others want nothing short of legalized marijuana use nationally. Read more

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Eleven candidates have already announced campaigns to oppose aldermen across Milwaukee’s 15 districts, including JoCasta Zamarripa and Justin Bielinski. Read more

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