Aaron Eckhart

In the new film Incarnation, to its detriment, director Brad Peyton has been responsible for some real theatrical duds and the trailer for this one contains hokey special effects. To its benefit, however, the cast contains Aaron Eckhart. more

Nov 29, 2016 4:15 PM Film Clips

Tothe public he was a hero but the “experts” began to second-guess hissplit-second decision. Starring Tom Hanks as the pilot who saved his passengersand crew when he brought a crippled airliner down on the Hudson River, S.. more

Sep 9, 2016 3:46 PM I Hate Hollywood

Set in a dystopian present, Aaron Eckhart appears as Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, now a rather good-looking fellow named Adam (despite needing a better plastic surgeon). Blessed with immortality, Adam is sought by those wanting to learn his... more

Jan 22, 2014 2:23 AM Film Clips

Following the death of his wife, Ben Logan (Aaron Eckhart) is an American engineer working for a corporation located in Belgium. One morning he arrives at the company to find the entire office stripped and assassins waiting more

May 15, 2013 12:27 AM Film Clips

This adaptation of Jean Hanff Korelitz's novel seeks to spice up Princeton's application process with a moral dilemma. Tina Fey portrays Portia Nathan, a 38-year-old admissions officer gunning for promotion. Portia visits more

Mar 20, 2013 5:52 PM Film Clips

The news reports called it a shower of meteors, followed by more and more showers more

Mar 11, 2011 12:00 AM Film Reviews

Like video games, rap and rock ’n’ roll, comic books were once the object of moral panic and scrutiny from congressional committees and public watchdogs. The genuinely concerned and the professional busybodies weren’t worried about &ldqu more

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