If this is true, it’s seriously one of the oddest sports crossovers I’ve heard in awhile. AmericanIdol top 3 contestant Danny Gokey is from Milwaukee and he’s in towntoday to get footage for Idol to show during next week’s show. Theycall it hom.. Read more

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Actor, do you want a thankless role? Then consider playing Adolf Hitler. The challenge of depicting the world’s most visible symbol of evil has defeated almost everyone. Capitalizing on his similar mustache, Charlie Chaplin gave it a good whirl w.. Read more

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Illinois’ Backyard Tire Fire sing “I want to be Tom Petty, I want to be a star Vagabonds and Hooligans ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Perhaps the most poignant of all documentaries screening at this year’s LGBT Film/Vi Jerusalem Is Proud to Present ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Because they were never solved, the Jack the Ripper murders have been a particularly ripe Ripper ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Denna Haslett isnot your average aerobics instructor. In fact, she makes it herbusiness to kick typical to the curb. At Just Classes, Haslett’s newfitness studio in Wauwatosa, she hopes that others will also buck thetypical idea of what a “... Read more

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