Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele has been trying to win over African American voters on the campaign trail, although a complaint from a long-time county employee says he isn’t abiding by a federal court order to address the county’s h... Read more

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Most Wisconsinites know that Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial Act 10 increased the amount of wages that public employees must contribute to their health insurance and pensions. But Act 10 also radically altered protections for public emplo... Read more

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Five months after being warned that their pension payouts were in legal limbo and needed to be paid back to the county, Milwaukee County retirees are no closer to Read more

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With no public discussion, the Milwaukee County Zoo offered a request for proposals (RFP) to operate and manage its lucrative food service, catering and retail operations Read more

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Gov. Scott Walker andhis new capitol police chief may not like them, but the Solidarity Singersdeserve your support. They’ve been gathering each weekday in the Capitol (youknow, the People’s House, the one that Walker would like to sell off to .. Read more

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More than a year after Gov. Scott Walker stepped down as Milwaukee County executive, the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors is still trying to clean up his multimillion-dollar budget mess. And, ironically, Walker's own Act 10, which gut... Read more

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Well, this seems like a no-brainer. Anyone following the long, sad saga of Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s 2010 budget knew that it was a sham. Walker had included $32 million of wage and benefits concessions that had nev.. Read more

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So imagine mysurprise when I stumbled upon the book TheTao of Wu. The author? Founder, p The Tao of Wu ,Books Read more

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The Milwaukee Art Museum pays tribute a largely overlooked Dutch master with its exhibit “Jan Lievens: Out of Rembrandt’s Shadow.” A contemporary of Rembrandt van Rijn, Lievens has featured as little more than a footnote beneath the name Read more

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With a punchy, horn-filled lineup that mirrors those of the classic Blue Note sessions, pianist Bill Charlap leads a septet of players for this tour behind the 70th anniversary of the record label, perhaps the most influential in the histor... Read more

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Headlights, a Chicago indie-pop quintet featuring Decibully’s Nick Sanborn, tops a 10 p.m. bill at Stonefly tonight that also features two of Milwaukee’s most fun live bands: John The Savage, whose megaphone- and trumpet-assisted live shows... Read more

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Though they’re clearly influenced by the Jesus Lizard and other seminal acts from Touch and Go’s back catalog, Milwaukee’s Pigs on Ice play their tightly wound punk and post-punk with a th,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Though the parts about a failing band may ring a little bit too close to home during these It’s A Wonderful Life ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Based on a play and also paced like one, Dial M For Murder is perhaps the most talky of Al Dial M For Murder ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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