With the Brewers failing to reach the post season, the Bucks yet to begin their unabashed rebuilding campaign, the Badgers likely already ousted from Rose Bowl contention, Marquette basketball stil,Sports Read more

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Just 17 games into the season, Admirals coach Kirk Muller was hired away to be the head coach for the NHL Carolina Hurricanes.Former Admirals coach Lane Lambert was promoted to an assitant position with the AHL's parent team, the Nashville Predat.. Read more

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Former Badger and current Milwaukee Admiral Blake Geoffrion was named AHL Player of the Week for the second week in a row.He's the first player to win the honor in back-to-back weeks in 16 years.He won the honor last week after putting up four p.. Read more

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Check out this jaw-dropping goal by Admiral Linus Klasen at the AHL Skills Competition this past weekend. Sorry, the embedding doesn't seem to be working Read more

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Bayou (2060 N. Humboldt Ave.) is closest to the construction and arguably the most affected. Owners and twin brothers Robert and William Jenkins opened the Cajun-fusion restaurant in September 2006. Although they have laid off a few staff m... Read more

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Alva Noë is rethinking the way we think about thought. Specifically: that consciousness do Out of Our Heads ,Books Read more


Talent, as just about every band can attest, isn't the only thing that secures bookings. In many cases, talent is far less likely to rope a gig for a band than outside factors like predicted draw, promoter ties, venue biases, promotional bu... Read more

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