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This production of 'Henry V' has no set time period, giving the play a jolt of youthful exuberance with modern-looking dress, hair styles and even a bag of Cheetos. Read more



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A discussion with three young Milwaukee theater companies: Outskirts Theatre Company, Voices Found Repertory and The Constructivists. Read more

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Voices Found Repertory stages a brief and intense production of Shakespeare’s MACBETH in the Underground Collaborative this month. Read more


Over the years, I’ve seen some really talented high school students in professional local theater productions. Whether it’s First Stage or some other company or in some rare cases an actual high school production that I’m seeing, there’s always so.. Read more



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There's a simple synth score playing before Voices Found Repertory's staging of Shakespeare's Richard III . Clean, primal tones evoke a feeling of intensity in a cozy space. It's a fitting intro for an intimate, little staging of high drama that.. Read more



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Sunset Playhouse of Elm Grove brings Marc Camoletti’s farce, Boeing Boeing, to the stage in June with a fun production featuring some enjoyable performances. Alec Lachman is charming as Bernard, and Josh Scheibe provides textured contrast t... Read more


The Sunset Playhouse opens a staging of the classic farce Boeing, Boeing this week. The show’s got a really talented and attractive cast. Alec Lachman stars as a man trying to date multiple women at once without any of them knowing a.. Read more

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UW-Milwaukee Theatre crafted a shadowy, one-weekend-only, contemporary production of William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Macbeth. Read more



UWM Theatre’s production of Macbeth came and went in a single weekend at Kenilworth Studio 508. Set in an ambiguous contemporary age, Shakespeare’s tragedy was immersed in leather and denim. On,Theater Read more


After the tragedy in Arizona, we are asking Wisconsin lawmakers, who will be introducing legislation to allow people to carry concealed weapons into restaurants and churches, to take a careful look at who, exactly, should be able to own gun... Read more

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The enduring legacy of John Cage may well be less in the music he wrote than in the artists he inspired. One of the collaborators in the final years of his life, Margaret Leng Tan, is at the center of Saturday’s concert by Milwaukee’s world... Read more

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The four Alien films are nicely collected on Blu-ray with tons of included special features. It may be overkill, but it's fun by the ton. The films can be viewed in their original theatrical formats or with an additional 15-40 minutes of fo... Read more

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