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Led Zeppelin legend Robert Plant will join Emmylou Harris and Steve Earle at a memorable benefit concert. more

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Beyond the fleeting amusement of watching Captain Jack Sparrow desecrate some of your favorite songs, Hollywood Vampires don't have much to offer. more

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With his music videos for WebsterX, Damien Klaven demonstrated his gift for world building, making footage filmed in or around Milwaukee look like it was somehow imported from an exotic foreign film. He brings that same skill to the latest music v.. more

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The most interesting Alice Cooper recordings are the ones few people ever heard. The first two albums included in this 15-CD box set, Pretties for You (1969) and Easy Action (1970), sold poorly an,Album Reviews more

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Milwaukee’s power trio Indonesian Junk position themselves somewhere between punk and glam, with an emphasis on the heavy. more

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Hair metal may not die, but it does considerretiring. After more than 30 tumultuous, off-and-on years together, Mötley Crüeare calling it quits following a final just-announced tour, which includes a performanceat Summerfest’s Marcus Amphitheat.. more

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Summerfest has been gradually announcing its 2013 Marcus Amphitheater headliners for months now, but it’s stayed mum on side-stage acts. That changed today, when breaking from its usual tradition of announcing grounds stage performers in small chu.. more

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A year after it premiered, the gothic soap opera “Dark Shadows” took a strange turn with the arrival of a distant... more

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When it comes to making a shocking impression, Alice Cooper has the perfect formula.For nearly five decades Cooper has been pioneering an off-shoot of hard-rock frequently called shock rock, and has lately taken on a particular fascination ... more

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The language barrier will doubtlessly keep Longital from mainstream American audiences, but open-minded alt rock fans will find reason to enjoy the music of one of Slovakia’s most popular bands. Longital combines the plucked, staccato rhyth... more

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For many, the color photography by E.C. Landryfor The Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion:An The Captain Frederick Pabst Mansion:An ,Books more

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This Week: A Bluesman, A Rock Star and Sherlock Holmes Next Week: 9 shows open.   It’s the regular season, which means that there are more than a dozen shows opening this month. This week marks the second in a row with only a couple of shows.. more

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The Alice Cooper "traveling musical and theatrical extravaganza" made its way to Milwaukee again last Friday, for the third time in the past three years. The Coop must like Brew Town-h,Concert Reviews more

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Especially for younger listeners who weren’t around to hear “School’s Ou Wayne’s World ,Today in Milwaukee more

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Alice Cooper plays at 8pm at the Riverside. The doors open at 7pm. He is the master of may Journal Sentinel ,Sponsored Events more

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Wayne’s World. ,This Week in Milwaukee more

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