Anne Kingsbury

Founded in 1979, Woodland Pattern Book Center is nationally known for its collection of more than 26,000 small press books. more


Woodland Pattern Book Center is an independent bookshop that continues to thrive amidst the national collapse of bookshops. What’s their secret to success? more

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Off the Cuff interview with Anne Kingsbury, executive director Woodland Pattern Books since, on the heels of an exhibition of her work at INOVA. Topics include recurrent themes in her art, receiving a 2014 Mary Nohl Fellowship and, of cours... more

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The “Mary L. Nohl Fellowships for Individual Artists Exhibition” at INOVA (Institute of Visual Arts), running through Jan. 9, 2016, is full of works that range from poignant social commentary to art that explores more interior, personal ... more

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Before the exhibit closes on February 28, visit WoodlandPattern Book Center on East Locust. Their current exhibition “Anne Kingsbury A PersonalOdyssey: Drawings from the 1960’s & Woodcut Self-Portraits” features neverbefore shown pen and ink.. more

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The cast members of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” are still touring behind the basic premise of that program, speaking to the continued popularity of improvisational comedy. Though the Alchemist Theatre doesn’t promise quite the same degree more

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The determined title character in the 2007 German drama Yella risks her life to escape her abusive ex-husband and make a new start in the city of Hanover, only to fall into the hands of man who is abusive in a different way. A business exec... more

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