Annie Baker

In Annie Baker’s play Circle Mirror Transformation, currently staged by All In Productions, art not only imitates life, it transforms it in ways unseen, changing the lives of those reflected back through that art, and with unforeseen conseq... Read more


Two guys in their 30s meet-up at a cafe to discuss music, poetry and such in an alley behind a coffee shop in Vermont. One of them dropped out of college. The other is writing a novel. A high school student who works the coffee shop shows-up and t.. Read more


The physical space of The Boulevard Theatre has been called on to play a classroom quite a bit over the years. Being a relatively small and intimate space, it actually works really well as a classroom. And I’m sure it doesn’t in any way resent th.. Read more


Lovers of noncommercial cinema dealing with LGBT themes can rejoice. This week's 23rd annual Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival marks a new start, as the yearly fete becomes a monthly event.The festival's turn into less intensive, more freq... Read more

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Judging by such song titles as “Piece (Hell Yeah)” and “Indulge,” one can safely assume that Ford has not forgotten the formula that made songs like “Kiss Me Deadly” such commercial successes in the 1980s. Yet ,Today in Read more

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