Barbara Beckert

“The Go Pass is worth its weight in gold,” Disability Rights Wisconsin’s Barbara Beckert, who co-chairs the Make It Work Coalition, told the Shepherd. “You’re giving people a fighting chance to succeed.” more

Sep 13, 2016 4:36 PM News Features 1 Comments

A year after the Milwaukee County Mental Health Board’s creation, members of the public—including the consumers of the county’s mental health and substance abuse programs, along with their advocates—are having difficulty connecting to the b... more

Aug 25, 2015 8:56 PM News Features 6 Comments

The Joint Finance Committee heard testimony on Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget. Many disability advocates and their caregivers sharply criticized Scott Walker’s changes to Family Care and IRIS, saying they would pave the way for privati... more

Mar 24, 2015 9:26 PM News Features 19 Comments

A bill fast-tracked through the Legislature would remove Milwaukee County supervisors’ responsibility for mental health services, putting an unelected Milwaukee County Mental Health Board selected by Gov. Scott Walker in charge of those ser... more

Feb 18, 2014 9:12 PM News Features

“We’re at a crossroads,” declares Disability Rights Wisconsin’s Milwaukee Office Director Barbara Beckert, referring to the damage cuts to government funding could have on individuals with disabilities and supportive services more

May 29, 2013 4:20 PM Off the Cuff