Barrett Attack

Mayor Tom Barrett looked and sounded a lot better than I expected in his first public appearance since being attacked Saturday night, considering the extent of his injuries. Speaking to reporters on his front lawn, the mayor sported a gash from th.. more

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The snarky celebrity-and-media gossip site is hailing Tom Barrett, post attack, as a “toothless hero mayor.” They kinda-sorta got the story right. Kinda. Sorta. more

Daily Dose

I’m trying to gather some fresh information being reported about the horrible attack on Mayor Tom Barrett after he left State Fair last night. WTMJ and the Journal Sentinel are reporting that the suspect is in custody. Barret.. more

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Mayor Tom Barrett is stable, his visibly shaken brother John told the press this afternoon, although “he did sustain some pretty significant injuries” from being attacked last night. He said the mayor’s “good sense of humor” was still intact. .. more

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How to see,Traveling Shepherd more

Art for Art's Sake

Oneincluded Tina Fey as Palin, Mark Wahlberg, Alec Baldwin, and Palinherself. The other included a Palin rap complete with a moose and SarahPalin dancing. They're both worth watching, so here you go... ,News more

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Little-changed since their late-’70s reign as the kings and queens of Athens’ Funplex ,Today in Milwaukee more

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Much like its musical counterpart Guys On Ice, Jeff Daniels' Escanaba in da Moonlight appe Guys On Ice ,Today in Milwaukee more

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