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Critically speaking at least, fun music often gets shortchanged. It’s great to meticulously dissect albums with weighty themes or ambitious compositions, but sometimes you wish writers would spill some more ink over releases that don’t pret... Read more

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In 2009, the Milwaukee garage-pop band Jaill was plucked from obscurity and signed to Sub Pop Records. That's the narrative, at least—a simplified and romanticized version of the story that downplays the band's role in their signing... Read more

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The Turner Hall Ballroom is a perfectly fine place to release an album, but it doesn\'t have an arcade room or even a foosball table, so Jaill opted to have their album release party at Bay View Bowl instead. The Milwaukee garage-pop trio will pla.. Read more

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In February 2008, the Badgers were down one to Indiana with 12 seconds left. This happened:   Fast forward to last night. Freshman John Gasser (he of UW's only ever triple double) wins the game for Wisconsin against Michigan:   Read more

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You know what they say: You can’t spell “Wisconsin” without bowling (zing). Bay View Bowl on Kinnickinnic Avenue is Wisconsin at its finest. With plenty of lanes and a full bar, it’s a place where one can mix the pleasures of sport Read more

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Being a city literally built on the mass consumption of beer, Milwaukee's corner bars and taverns have always been an integral part of neighborhood culture and economy. To be sure, many if not most taverns found wi... Read more


The Republicans became the party of fear in the aftermath of World War II when a pair of returning servicemen, Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon, ran for national office and turned politics into a battlefield. Communism was the ominous drumbeat they.. Read more

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Winners in the Best Bowling Alley category for Best of Milwaukee 2008. Read more

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