Danny O'Brien, the quarterback that transferred to Wisconsin from Maryland after two years as the Terps' QB, has been named the starter for the Badgers' opening game against University of Northern Iowa.O'Brien is taking advantage of the same tran.. more

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The new, non-BCS way of doing things will mean even more scrutiny on teams that could be eligible for the four-team playoff.One of the things the selection committee will be looking at is strength of schedule, something Wisconsin has struggled wi.. more

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The Badgers refusal/inability to adapt to the Ohio State defense last night cost them the game. Ohio State knew that the heart of the Badger offense was the run game and they came prepared to keep Montee Ball in check. If you remove the late-i.. more

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There are many criticisms that are being rained down on Bret Bielema and the Badgers after last night's loss to Michigan State.The time management issue is a big one and a lot of people will talk about it, so I'm not going to spend a lot of time .. more

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The Big Ten football writers have chosen Bret Bielema as the best coach in the league (right now). An informal poll garnered him seven of 24 first-place votes. With the NFL lockout having come to a close, its been a Free Agent frenzy for undra.. more

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Journal-Sentinel preview says the Badgers have five great players more

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Since 1991, David Seebach has hosted one of Milwaukee’s longest-running Halloween traditions, his moody “Illusions in the Night” show. In past years, the local magician has examined Jack the Ripper, conversed with a mummy, levitated and more

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Like many outsider musicians, Daniel Johnston’s work has a childlike quality to it, but it’s also riff with darker themes that have intrigued performers for decades—artists as disparate at Pearl Jam, Bright Eyes and Okkervil River have a more

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Named not for the famous explorers, but rather the authors C.S. Lewis and Arthur C. Clarke, the indie-folk ensemble Lewis and Clarke were lumped in with the freak-folk movement of earlier this decade, but as freak-folk fell out of fashion i... more

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Following the jam-band business model even though they don’t much care for jamming, Guster has gradually built their following by encouraging tape trading and touring colleges like the one that spawned them 18 year’s ago, Tufts University. ... more

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As a U.N. weapons inspector in pre-war Iraq, Charles Duelfer saw up close the repression o Hide and Seek ,Books more

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