The Blaxploitation

Come Together, the third album from Tweed Funk, finds the Milwaukee ensemble moving from the blues that informed previous efforts to a full-on funkiness that could be mistaken for the soundtrack of a lost ’70s blaxploitation movie. When the... more

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The nadir of Blaxploitation and ultra-campy fun, Blacula (1972) has been packaged on a Blu-ray with its sequel, Scream Blacula Scream (1973). more

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Jackie Brown and Get Shorty are just two of the movies drawn from the writing of crime author Elmore Leonard. The latest, Freaky Deaky, is set amidst the radical chic of ’70s America and staged as a jokey set of riffs on more

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Fresh Cut Collective took their time when they began recording their new album last fall, precisely tracking... more

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After a rough summer that found him struggling with continued conflicts in his band, Fresh Cut Collective, and being fired from his day job at Alterra Coffee, Milwaukee rapper Adebisi moved to New York on a whim last August. "I was struggling in M.. more

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Now that the mayor, governor andoutgoing and incoming state superintendents of public ins more

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