My Bloody Valentine

They should have been bigger. After putting out two strong EPs, 2010's Failures and 2011's Shallows, Milwaukee-based post-metal band Maidens are breaking up. Thankfully, they will be... Read more

Local Music

It's hard to believe that Teenage Pagans, the 12-song debut album from Appleton-based Technicolor Teeth, was made by a collection of musicians a few years out of high school. Teenage Pagans sounds confident and cohesive, as if the players..... Read more

Local Music

One of the signal images of the ‘80s was the attractive young woman, clutching a kitchen knife as she slowly steps into a dark room of horror. The House of the Devil revisits those years in a story about a cute college girl, Samantha (Jocelin Do.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Has there ever been a subgenre of alternative rock more proudly stagnant than shoegaze? Th Loveless ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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