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An encounter with Revel in Dimes at Cactus Club on August 8. Read more

Down by Music

Craft Recordings has released a 60th anniversary edition of John Lee Hooker’s first album, which features a sound that is clear, crisp and unadorned. Read more

Album Reviews

On Just a Matter of Time, Katz Sass sound ready to follow fellow Milwaukee bluesmen Altered Five Blues Band into a wider spotlight for a familiar, yet inventive take on their music. Read more

Album Reviews

Despite all the pictures and memorabilia, The Rolling Stones 50 (Hyperion) is not to be mistaken for a coffee table book. It has incisive commentary by its authors—Messrs. Jagger, Richards, Watts and Wood—and demonstrates Read more


Masterful guitarist Greg Koch will be the first to admit that he's not a traditional bluesman, but rather a musician who plays rock steeped in blues, jazz and other influences. After storming the local scene with his band the Tone Controls,... Read more

Best of Milwaukee 2011

There’s really no plothere—just a conversation between friends at a specific Say Goodnight, Gracie, ,Theater Read more


Rudolph Giuliani Website: Rudolph Giuliani Blog: Rudy's Blog Video: chiquangue ,Elections Read more