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Debra Brehmer's petite Portrait Society Gallery expands on the 5th Floor of the Marshall Building in the Historic Third Ward. Once a one room gallery Brehmer established two years ago, today the Portrait Society fills three rooms on t.. more

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There aren't words for what I think of Prince Fielder since he'sstepped up in the past week or so. People have talked about his loss ofpower, his lack of leadership and a whole lot of other demeaningqualities, but I feel like this week's perfor.. more

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As Russia shakesoff the torpor of the ’90s and resumes its place as an economic pow Volk’s Shadow ,Books more


  Forsome, the adage “home is where the heart is” is a hackneyed platitu TheLemon Tree ,Books more


  Fora writer, relating the immigrant experience without patronizing or perplexingt Funnyin Farsi ,Books more


Brady Streethas a well-established reputation as one of Milwaukee’s most excitinga What does being a jeweler mean to you? ,Books more


Whether exploringthe constructs of an overwrought imagination or the disorientingresults View From the Seventh Layer ,Books more