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Wisconsin’s tween year of 2019 is over; next year—with its momentous political events and elections—will determine whether we all can peacefully coexist. Read more

Taking Liberties


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The naïve agenda of the Log Cabin GOP continues despite the current administration’s policies. Read more


Despite Brian Hagedorn’s scathing homophobia, the LGBTQ community was complacent and didn’t vote massively against him. Read more

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The tiny edge that got Hagedorn elected in the state Supreme Court should serve as a wake-up call to voters throughout the state. Read more

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The margin was close enough that Neubauer could seek a recount, but she would have to pay for it. Read more

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Judge Neubauer is our clear choice to bring judicial knowledge, legal acumen, fairness and independence to Wisconsin’s highest court. Read more

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The Shepherd Express endorses judges and MPS School Board candidates for the election of Tuesday, April 2. Read more

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The Wisconsin Supreme Court race comes down to a choice between an anti-LGBTQ bigot (Brian Hagedorn) and a deeply experienced, community-minded humanitarian (Lisa Neubauer). Read more

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The final proof of how terrible a candidate Appeals Court Judge Brian Hagedorn is for the Wisconsin Supreme Court is that even Republican business lobbyists are publicly fleeing from his candidacy. Read more

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It’s amazing how many people who consider themselves deeply religious fail to understand religious freedom and instead want to impose their own religious beliefs on everyone else by law. Read more

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Milwaukee Gun Violence Survivors Week kicks off as a progressive radio station hosts a two-year anniversary party. Read more

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