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Photo Credit: Walter Salas-Humara

Walter Salas-Humara kept it casual at Anodyne performance. Read more

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The Wooldridge Brothers looked to the ghosts of drive-in theaters, and the spirit of Big Star and R.E.M., on their summery new album, Stars At Dusk. Read more

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Their influences may be familiar, but the Mike Benign Compulsion pack their latest album with surprises. Read more

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Photo by Steven Cohen

A native of both the Milwaukee and Minneapolis music scenes, Scott Wooldridge released his self-titled solo album this winter. Read more

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It's been a while since we've heard anything new from the Midwest Americana act The Wooldridge Brothers, but fresh material is on the way—two albums' worth of it, to be exact. Brothers Scott and Brian Wooldridge are finishing up their seventh albu.. Read more

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For rock songwriters, middle age is the topic less taken. Great novelists have long made the subject their own, but rock still perceives itself as a young person’s game—even if many of the bestselling touring acts haven’t seen the sunny sid... Read more

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Long before "pop" became whatever Ryan Seacrest is hawking in any given week, it was a word synonymous with the Great American Songbook and the mature emotional palette expressed therein. Racine native Suzanne Jamieson excels in applying th... Read more

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