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 Cuddly and loveable local theatre group Bunny Gumbo hosts its 21st Combat Theatre next week. Running Friday and Saturday, June 4the and 5th, the program is the latest in a line of instant theatre programs that go back a number of years. Bunny .. Read more


From Drew Carey to Kevin James, audiences have long held a soft spot for comedians who were a bit merrier in build, but Milwaukee’s BigBoned Comedy performances don’t just feature comedians who ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

The dead of winter is a strange time for the smallest theatre companies. Far from the warmth of the summer off-season, some of the most fanatical smaller theatre types end up acting on the bizarre, sometimes valid notion that great (or at least en.. Read more


As part of an event they’ve billed as “ZooMusic: Music for Savage Beasts,” Present Music invites patrons to explore the Milwaukee County Zoo grounds after hours at 6 p.m. in advance of an,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

  The concept of BunnyGumbo’s Combat Theatre,Theater Read more

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Some of the first new shows of the New Year open this weekend. Some of them also close this weekend. Last night I attended my first of two consecutive evenings of theatre under pressure. It was a pleasant evening just north of downtown on Walnut S.. Read more


One of this year’s most extravagant New Year’s Eve events, this gala revolves Vanity ,Cover Story Read more

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