Canis Major

The rapper connects with his go-to producer Canis Major on a pair of stone-cold tracks. Read more

On Music

IshDARR added another feather in his cap this week, when he became the first Milwaukee rapper to headline a 10 p.m. Summerfest show since… who knows? Maybe since Arrested Development’s heyday? There isn’t much precedent for it, and it's hard to st.. Read more

On Music

EMAAD is a 19-year-old rapper who runs in the same circle as IshDARR and the two have more than a little in common. Both are barely out of high school, both went a little caps-lock crazy with their stage names and both are quite talented and more .. Read more

On Music

It’s generally bad form for music writers to dwell too much on an artist’s youth. It either diminishes the artist by implying their music has been critiqued on a curve, or it does just the opposite, overhyping the artist by creating a myth of prod.. Read more

On Music

Sundry legends and tales surround the eccentric yet acclaimed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Many in Milwaukee may be familiar with his forward-looking architecture, but parts of his personality and some of his other remarkable talents likel... Read more

Visual Arts

If you are looking for a table with the best view in Milwaukee, a strong contender would be the seating at Café Calatrava, located in the Milwaukee Art Museum. The café, situated just under the main entry hall, offers sleek, slanting window... Read more

Dining Preview

The Milwaukee Admirals will be handing out 5,000 bobbleheads of former goaltender Chris Mason tonight at their 7 p.m. game against the Lake Eerie Monsters. The game should hold special interest for kids (as well as adults interested... Read more

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