Carey Mulligan

Suffragette dramatizes London women’s struggle for the right to vote and the most ungentlemanly behavior of the police trying to stop them. Carey Mulligan deserves Oscar consideration for her sad-eyed portrayal of persistence against forces... Read more

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The latest adaptation of Far From the Madding Crowd is a dramatically compelling and beautifully mounted film. Read more

Film Reviews

Folksinger Llewyn Davis leans into the dim spotlight shining down onto the stage, playing guitar with homespun eloquence, eyes closed as he sings a ballad that was old before he was born. Llewyn (Oscar Isaac), a modestly popular performer i... Read more

Film Reviews

Odd notes are struck in the key of somber from the start of Never Let Me Go and the mood never lifts. Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan and Andrew Garfield star in this downbeat look at an alternate realityone in which most diseases have been cured .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Wendy and Lucy, a Kelly Reichardt film made on a budget almost as penny-wise as its cash-strapped protagonist, follows a girl and her dog in a worse-for-wear '88 Honda Accord as they trek from heartland Indiana through the Pacific Northwest... Read more

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