Carly Smithson

I'm trying to downplay how much “American Idol” I've caught this season, but since I am watching—and since I’m as opinionated as the next guy—I might as well blog about it like everyone else. A couple of observations about last night’s .. Read more

On Music

Early blogosphere whispers about an "American Idol" ringer soon bloomed into an outraged roar as major news organizations picked up the story of hopeful Carly Smithson's high-profile (and comically disastrous) stint on a major label. Somewha.. Read more

On Music

When activist/musician/teacher Jessica Mills became pregnant, she was struck by the lack My Mother Wears Combat Boots ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Public Museum continues its run of the heralded, popular and occasionally co The independent alternative weeklynewspaper, Shepherd Express is celebrating 25 years of ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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