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By what mercurial process did Alfred Hitchcock, the acknowledged master of suspense, gradually morph into one of the most-revered cinematic auteurs, beloved of critics and moviegoers alike and offering a constant source of inspiration as we... more

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<p> No filmmaker was more skilled at turning anxiety into entertainment than Alfred Hitchcock. The master of suspense kept audiences on edge, not with cheap surprises but by showing danger as it approached. Anticipation is almost always better th.. more

I Hate Hollywood

After more than a decade of Cold War anxiety, the movers of pop culture in the early \'60s decided to have a little fun in the face of a potential Armageddon. A lighter touch was felt in everything from James Bond through the Man from U.N.C.L.E.. more

I Hate Hollywood

Given their respective reputations for being difficult, it’s not too surprising that Chevy Chase and Bill Murray don’t much care for each other. The two legendary comedians have only appeared in one movie together, sharing only one scene, b... more

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After the death of founding member Brian Reilly in 2000, and several other shakeups to the band's roster in the subsequent years, Reilly has cemented its lineup and its footing in the Milwaukee scene as one of the area’s most popular Celtic... more

Today in Milwaukee

Popular when it was released in 1957, An Affair to Remember has found an unexpected afterlife in recent decades. Snippets of it have shown up in other films as a signifier of bygone romance—a kind of love no longer in fashion. Nowadays it would .. more

I Hate Hollywood

Vnuk’s Lounge, 8 p.m. Human Barbie doll Francine Boucher might not have the stronges The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep, ,This Week in Milwaukee more

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