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The singer shares a video "to motivate gender fluidity and confidence regardless if you're masculine, feminine, gay, lesbian, bi or queer." more

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The new EP, Wake Up, by noaccordion (nom de plume of Bay Area musician Onah Indigo), features rhythmically spoken vocals as well as a number of acoustic and electronic instruments in sparse arrangements. more

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Third in a series, Peru Boom! offers a variety of sounds from Peruvian club music, combining traditional club music with traditional Peruvian Cumbia. Featured artists include Chakruna, Animal Chuki and Deltatron more

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The Super Bowl packs a month's worth of pop culture into a loaded four-hour broadcast, so it's a little bit difficult to keep track of all its big music moments, but here's what jumped out at me the most: * The Who's halftime show was a disast.. more

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When they were introduced in the 1890s, motion pictures were a marvel in an age of marvels. Cities were being lit by electricity and crowned by skyscrapers, telephones carried distant voices and pictures began to move in a jerky semblance of rea.. more

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Ned does it again:In <a href=";content_id=2667911&amp;vkey=news_mil&amp;fext=.jsp&amp;c_id=mil">this article</a> on entertainingly titled "Brewers hitters aim .. more

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The hushedhype surrounding the kickoff of Projekt, Milwaukee’s newest EDMmonthly, Cloverfield ,Club Noise more