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For more than a decade rapper Kid Millions has served as Milwaukee’s one-man answer to the Beastie Boys, filtering the spirit of classic hip-hop through the personalized lens of his own eclectic record collection and turning out some serio... Read more

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Since their 2003 debut, Codebreaker has juggled the conventions of both live and electronic music, playing four-on-the-floor electro-funk at rock shows and dance clubs alike. Released last week, the Milwaukee duo’s latest album, The Space C... Read more

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Wow. For an allegedly self-made multimillionaire plastics manufacturer who worships the free market, Ron Johnson really knows how to use government programs to his advantage. There’s a long list of government programs that have helped J.. Read more

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Albert Barnes was a working class kid from Philadelphia who worked his way through medical school by boxing. After making millions of dollars in pharmaceuticals, he began collecting modern European paintings when many American critics still conde.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

The story behind David De Silva and Alan Parker’s 1980 film Fame, about high school kids hoping for a big break on stage, proved so popular that it’s been adapted into a long-running TV series, then a stage musical, then a flash-in-the-,Tod... Read more

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Although attendance was up at this year's South by Southwest music conference, ticket sale City Pages ,Cover Story Read more

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The worst thing about South By Southwest is seeing so many bands get eaten alive on stage. For every sleeper group that plays to a huge, adoring crowd, there’s two playing to mostly empty rooms. It’s a common trap, but one that Milwaukee’s Codebre.. Read more

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Since re-launching as RadioMilwaukee two years ago, WYMS 88.9 has made a concerted effort to advance Milwaukee music—not by opening its doors to all local artists, but by showcasing the work of a chosen few, granting them the constant expos... Read more

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