The Coffee House

Lil’ Rev and Josh Fox join Penny and Dave Fox in a night of folk-blues. Read more

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After 52 years, Milwaukee’s folk venue The Coffee House has moved to a new location, but its mission remains. Read more

Local Music

Here are some of Milwaukee's smaller, lesser-known neighborhood coffee shops that excel at crafting delicious coffee drinks and nurturing unique community spaces. Read more

Java Journal


Judging by the abundance of coffee houses in Milwaukee today, it seems that we have fared well in keeping up with the rest of the country’s third wave of coffee. Read more

Java Journal

Sharing a stage, the three singer-songwriters presented differing, complementary approaches to folk music. Read more

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Over the last half century, the Milwaukee music venue, The Coffee House, has hosted acoustic musicians from all over the country. Read more

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An eclectic trio of Milwaukee folk acts paid tribute to Tom Waits at a spirited fundraiser at The Coffee House. Read more

Concert Reviews

Off the Cuff with Brett Kemnitz of The Coffee House, an organization that, since 1967, has been a nucleus of social activism and a performance space for acoustic musicians and poets. Read more

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Now in its 48th season, The Coffee House remains an unusual haven for Milwaukee’s folk scene. Read more

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If The Plainsmen have the kind of name you'd expect to hear announced on “Simply Folk,” it's not the only place the Milwaukee septet ought to have a presence. Theirs is the kind of acoustic/electric Americana rock amalgam that Read more

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On this week's episode of The Disclaimer, WMSE's weekly crosstalk between station promotions director Ryan Schleicher, A.V. Club Milwaukee editor Matt Wild and I, we're joined by Milwaukee Magazine editor Cristina Daglas to discuss her magazine'.. Read more

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We are all paying a price as Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele attempts to learn to be both an elected official in a democracy and an executive capable of making measured... Read more

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Good for the UWM Education Rights Campaign. Tonight, because of their sustained protest, UWM Chancellor Carlos Santiago will participate in a forum to answer questions about the March 4 protest and arrests, the Master Plan and other hot t.. Read more

Happening Now

The sketch comedy group behind the cult films Super Troopers, Club Dread and Beerfest (as well as, strangely, The Dukes of Hazzard big-screen adaptation), Broken Lizard has been writing and performing together for over 13 years. Compr,Today... Read more

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Milwaukee-areanative Joe Holland is one busy in,Off the Cuff Read more

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