Colin Dexter

<p> The television franchise surrounding British crime novelist Colin Dexter keeps growing. Last Sunday saw the U.S. premiere of “Endeavour,” a prequel to the long-running “Morse.” This Sunday comes the first in the latest four-episode series ba.. more

I Hate Hollywood

We tend to think of Oxford, the mother of universities in the English-speaking world, as an intellectual refuge. But in the stories of Colin Dexter and the two British television series spun from them, “Inspector Morse” and “Inspector Lewis,.. more

I Hate Hollywood

And so yes, it’s timefor you’s to elect Art Kumbalek as your next governor. I and ,Art for Art's Sake more

Art for Art's Sake

In the era somewhere between the sexual revolution and the popular realization that indiscriminate sex can kill, a young David Mamet wrote a play about the sex lives of young, urban Midwesterners. Some 30 years later, the once-controversial... more

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