Ruthie answers a question from a reader concerned about his husband’s expensive new interest in doing drag and plugs exciting events including the Riverwest Fem Fest, Jan. 21-24; Gallery Night and Day, Jan. 22-23; Hairspray at the Majestic ... Read more

Hear Me Out

The emotional weight of Noah Gundersen’s austere songs echoes the tight-focus beauty of songwriters like Will Oldham, Justin Vernon and David Bazan. And like fellow Seattle resident Read more

Music Feature

In the U.S. footage from Haile Selassie�s coronation as Emperor of Ethiopia (1930), captured by Hearst Movietone cameras and shown in movie theaters, was seen as a curiosity. In Jamaica, it was accepted as a revelation. The sight of a regal black.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Chisholm is the first new district attorney to be elected in Milwaukee County since 1968. Whales Hover(ed) ,Taking Liberties Read more

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