Danny Devito

The best scenes from Taylor Hackford’s new movie, The Comedian, have the smart, punchy pace and content of a classic Hollywood screwball comedy: Robert De Niro’s comedy club scenes have a fresh sparkle that suggests improv and show him in a... Read more

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The girl (Carla Gugino) who walks into the first of many nightspots in the chatty, episodic, tartly amusing indie comedy <em>A Girl Walks Into a Bar </em>says she's a professional killer. Her client (Zachary Quinto), surprised that she's a woman, .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

By now, several generations of children have been entertained and inspired by the whimsically subversive storybooks... Read more

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I estimated it would be easy enough to put together aHallow'een-themed wine column. I figured there would be any number of selectionseasily lending themselves to the cause. A quick trip down the beer aisle wouldkeep me in business for weeks... Read more